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Wardrobe Detox

The Wardrobe Detox session is an excellent way to start your journey to your ideal style. I will review, organize, categorize and most importantly take a look at your wardrobe as a whole, including your shoes and accessories. You will be shown how to build inspiring outfits and how you can wear pieces to create a fully unique style! 

Digital Lookbook

Would you like your outfits curated in your personal "Lookbook" with items you have in your current wardrobe? Then the Digital Lookbook feature will be your new best friend! For more information about this add on service please press here.  

Main Objectives

  •  Take a look at your wardrobe as a whole and how it can be used to its full capacity

  •  Outfit build with pieces you have already got

  •  Identify any gaps in your wardrobe (Shoes and accessories will also be taken into consideration)

  •  Categorise your wardrobe into sections to make getting dressed easier

  •  Discuss future appointments and how we can elevate your style


£35 per hour with a minimum booking of 2 hours

A standard-sized wardrobe takes on average 3 hours to complete and a large/walk-in wardrobe 4-5 hours. You will also have the option of updating your old hangers to premium slimline hangers that I will be able to bring to you on the day of your session and recycle your old ones.

Note: A small deposit is needed to secure your booking and the deposit is non-refundable.

Travel fees may apply.

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