Wardrobe Detox

The wardrobe detox session is an excellent way to start your journey to your ideal style. I will review, organise, categorise and most importantly take a look at your wardrobe as a whole, including shoes and accessories. You will be shown how to build outfits, how to mix&match and how you can wear pieces to create a fully unique style. 



  • Prior to the session we will have a consultation about what you would like to achieve from your wardrobe detox and how we can make your existing wardrobe work better and easier for you. 

  • During your session you will receive expert style advice, identify gaps and gain knowledge on how to utilize your wardrobe to it’s full capacity.

  • We will also discuss what pieces can be re-homed, donated or sold and advice you on how to find the best storage solutions to make your wardrobe look aesthetically pleasing.


Main Objectives

 ☑ Take a look at your wardrobe as a whole and how it can be used to its full capacity

 ☑ Categorise your wardrobe into sections and make sure they are color-coordinated

 ☑ Find solutions with the clothes you already have and take note of gaps in your wardrobe

Shoes and accessories will also be taken into consideration

 ☑ Discuss future appointments and how we can elevate your style to the next level

 ☑ Find smart storage solutions to make getting dressed easier

 ☑ The option to update your hangers to achieve that premium look


£25 per hour with a minimum booking of 2 hours.

A standard-sized wardrobe takes on average 3 hours to complete and a large/walk in wardrobe 4-5 hours. You will also have the option of updating your old hangers to premium slimline hangers that I will be able to bring to you on the day of your session and recycle your old ones.

Note: A small deposit is needed to secure your booking.

Travel fees may apply.