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Digital Lookbook


Imagine if you had your very own Lookbook always at hand on your phone or tablet?

With the Digital Lookbook Service, I will upload your clothes to an app and then put them together as inspirational outfits. This is an optional add-on service when you use my Personal Styling service or the Wardrobe Detox Service! 



As soon as your Personal Stylist or Wardrobe Detox session is complete, I will add your garments and accessories to your Digital Lookbook account and then start building outfits that you can use as a daily reference when getting dressed!
I will put together as many outfit combinations as possible, including footwear and accessories!
During your initial session, I will give you the option to have your wardrobe digitized. 


For every 10 individual garments to be uploaded and styled into outfits the fee is £15

(For example, 30 garments is £45)

I have thrown myself at the mercy of Bella's styling service twice because I never know what suits me and my brain spirals from all the choices out there. After our last styling session, Bella uploaded my items to an app and put them together as outfits - an absolute game changer! Now I don't have to remember all the combinations Bella suggested. Bella created the Lookbook for my holiday as I have limited packing space. I cannot express how much easier it was to have Bella do it, not only saved me time but it gives me daily confidence in my outfit choices eliminating my constant self-doubt, because if Bella says it looks good then I trust her!

Roz Scott

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