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Client Stories


Emily Littler

Financial Advisor | Lancashire

Bella is fantastic at picking outfits that you would never pick out for yourself but end up being your go-to style! She is super friendly and really listens to what you want - I never felt pressured to purchase anything she brought in for me. Would recommend it to anyone who needs a wardrobe update or an outfit for a special occasion. Thanks Bella!

Tara Nicole Warren

Entrepreneur | Newcastle Upon Tyne

My day with Bella was brilliant. I usually hate shopping; I can never find anything I like, I never know what goes with what, I never know what's flattering for me and I hate making decisions. Having Bella took away all of that stress for me. She picked things I would never usually pick out myself but I now can't wait to wear, and that's a great feeling to have the confidence to pull something different off. I booked the day because I'm going to Dubai and thought we'd just be getting a few outfits and some inspo to get me started, but she actually helped me before the day to plan exactly what I was going to need and then gave me ideas for where to order some of the basics. We got everything else I needed on the day - so I actually now have the opposite problem of too many gorgeous things to pick from and I just want to wear them all! I'm way more excited for my holiday now and I was dreading packing before. I'm definitely going to be rebooking in the future even for everyday wardrobe refreshes. Thanks Bella!


Love Sodersten

Equine Vet Student | Durham

As a trans man, I've had trouble finding clothes that will fit well and don't draw attention to the fact that my body isn't biologically male.

Thanks to Bella I'm no longer reduced to ill-fitting jeans and t-shirts and with her help, I can now express myself through great clothes.

She has an amazing eye for finding a style that suits both your personality and your body shape. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who's just lost in the land of clothes, or who just wants a boost of confidence!

Calm Sea

Harry Johnson

Television Personality | Middlesborough

Amazing experience as always with Bella. So thorough, amazing at her job, and picked out some fantastic outfits for a recent shoot. Would highly recommend her for helping out with your style, or styling you for any upcoming shoots. Lovely and friendly, so easy to be around. Thank you!



Tattoo Artist | Newcastle Upon Tyne

I had a great day shopping with Bella.
She offered consultation before the actual appointment , asking about my preferences and goals, and really respecting what I want while offering her professional advice.
On the day, she had reserved outfits before I arrived. During fitting, she was attentive and honest with her feedback.
Time flew by and it was the most productive shopping day with a good friend - I got the outfits that I wanted and discovered great colours and designs that suit me!
She’s hard-working, caring and just a lovely person to be around. Thank you Bella!

Gill Macdonald

Homemaker| North Tyneside

I had a great personal styling session today with the lovely Bella. She had previously done a wardrobe detox for me which was a revelation, it really helped me to see where I wanted to go style-wise and how to put outfits together. Today’s session was about filling in the gaps identified after the detox. Bella was so helpful, she had clothes reserved ready for me to try on and made me feel completely at ease and under no pressure to buy anything. It was a really lovely relaxed shopping experience. Thank you Bella!

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